Internal Wall Insulation

Internal Wall Insulation can reduce heat-loss by up to 45%

Having Internal Wall Insulation professionally installed can save up to £270 per year in a typical 3 bedroom semi-detached property, according to the Energy Saving Trust. There are two main types of Internal Wall Insulation. Insulation boards are either fixed to the walls or a timber frame can be constructed with an insulating material placed between the timber.

Stud walls are stronger than insulation boards and can easily hold the weight of shelving, cupboards, etc. but they tend to be thicker than insulation boards. Both options will require the removal and replacement of fittings such as light switches, skirting boards, etc. The choice of technique will depend on your property's construction but we will advise you as to the best solution.

Internal Wall Insulation Grants

The Government’s Energy Companies Obligation (ECO) and Green Deal schemes provide Internal Wall Insulation grants across England, Scotland and Wales.

If you receive a qualifying benefit, you should qualify for FREE Internal Wall Insulation, depending on the type of heating system installed.

The property should also be privately owned or rented and have solid walls. A 25 year guarantee is issued upon completion of the work from an organisation such as GDGC.

Workman installing internal wall insulation

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Workman installing internal wall insulation

William Matley William Matley

I recently had the pleasure of using Northern Retrofit to install cavity wall insulation on my detached home. The team were very professional and friendly. The process went well and took about 4 hours. Would have no issue using them again in the future.

Ben Whittle Ben Whittle

Brilliant job from start to finish. They did everything they said they would when they said. Really knowledgeable and friendly. When laying the Loft insulation, they found a nasty electrical surprise and even managed to deal with it for me. I'd definitely recommend.

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